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Are you an established retailer/wholesaler or in the medical field and would like to offer the top selling and the highest potency brand of CBD hemp oil products? Ensohara Inc., is the brand that will give you total transparency and peace of mind so all you have to do is promote Ensohara’s products to your customers and increase your revenues by adding the most trusted brand. We have a tremendous track record of helping businesses establish themselves in the industry. We also offer white label, private label and custom manufacturing. Complete the form to have one of our account specialists contact you.

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10517 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92843

Call Us: 1.888.308.7078

Available Program Options

Box-Mock-Up-2a_smallWe offer attractive discounts on bulk quantities of our finished CBD oil products, which include Ensohara labels on the bottles. Pricing for bulk quantities of our finished CBD oil product line are determined by the volume of bottles ordered.
(minimum order is 50 bottles).
The same as option 1 without the included Ensohara labels. We send the fully filled, unlabeled bottles to you and you can then add your own labels. The pricing structure determined with agreement.
(minimum order is 1000 bottles)
Similar to 1 and 2, but with your company’s logo/name, product name, and label design. The price is as options 1 and 2 plus an additional $2/bottle.

We require an initial minimum order of 500 bottles for each private labeled product.

We’ll provide you with the dimensions for our labels, you then design them and send us the files, and we’ll have the labels professionally printed and applied to the bottles for you.

We also offer design services. For no extra charge we’ll make minor design changes to your labels or create simple labels by replacing our logo with your company’s logo/changing the name of the product/background color/etc. We can also work out a fair price for work-intensive custom labels.

We develop custom CBD oil blends for various companies, with unique proprietary formulas to fit your individual company’s needs. If for instance your company’s success is based upon a core product or ingredient, we can include that special ingredient into our current formulations so that the final CBD oil blend still fits the mold of your current mission. Or if you have a completely new recipe for a CBD blend you would like to carry, we are also open manufacturing it for you. Sourcing of additional ingredients we don’t normally carry is the responsibility of our client. Custom Manufacturing is much more flexible than the other programs, and has no definite pricing structure because the additional labor and professional consultation involved can vary greatly from one project to the next.

Custom manufacturing requires a minimum order of 5000 bottles 

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