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UK Epilepsy Patient Needs 30k For CBD Oil in US – BBC UK Report

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Van Davies, 16 a teenager from Manchester, UK, has 100 seizures a week. As a result of his epilepsy his parents say he has not been able to have a normal childhood, having to be under almost 24-hour visual in case he becomes in danger of hurting himself from a sudden convulsion.

Many thousands of people have followed the story of Charlotte who has managed to stay reasonably seizure free for over a year thanks to the CBD rich cannabis tinctures. The stories have created such a buzz that it has influenced families desperate for a treatment for their child to move across the country to states like Colorado that allow medical licenses for child CBD treatments in the hope that they may get it.

Shockingly Van is not actually as far away from the medicine he desperately needs to try to see if he can have some resemblance of a normal life that others are finding possible with CBD cannabis oil. GW Pharmaceuticals have been growing both high THC and CBD rich varieties along with a whole host of others since 1998. Thanks to special licensing from the Home Office they have the sole entitlement to research and develop medicines for from the cannabis plant. In 2005 they released Sativex a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD for the treatment of MS spasticity and is also awaiting approval for cancer pain treatment. At the end of 2013 GW announced that their new preparation Epidiolex was going to be trialed with 25 children in the US with severe pediatric epilepsy.

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