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Hemp Derived CBD or Medical Marijuana CBD… a choice?

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For the past number of years there have been plenty of articles and TV shows highlighting CBD oil but is this all just hype?

CBD or Cannabidiol is derived from two main primary sources: 1. Industrial Hemp and 2. Medical marijuana. The first can be sourced online from companies like Ensohara and the second from legislated outlets in states where medical marijuana is legal.

So the question is which of the two is better?

The Difference between Hemp and Medical Marijuana

Right out the gate there are several differences between the two sources of CDB, not least one comes from hemp and one from the marijuana plant. These are different aren’t they? Actually it’s not as simple as that. The dept of agriculture (USDA) have made an attempt to differentiate in a number of published articles

“Marijuana and industrial hemp are different varieties of the same plant species, Cannabis sativa L. Marijuana typically contains 3 to 15 percent THC on a dry-weight basis, while industrial hemp contains less than 1 percent (Blade, 1998; Vantreese, 1998). Most developed countries that permit hemp cultivation require use of varieties with less than 0.3 percent THC. However, the two varieties are indistinguishable by appearance. DeMeijer et al. (1992), in a study of 97 Cannabis strains, concluded that short of chemical analysis of the THC content, there was no way to distinguish between marijuana and hemp varieties.”  USDA.

It would be quite straightforward to distinguish the different growing operations between hemp and medical marijuana but the definition of the two pants makes it clear the are not much different, that said the real differentiating factor is in regard to the levels of non-psycoactive CBD vs THC (the compound that elicits a high).

Both plants contain CBD at levels determined by breeding, however the human body isnt fussy and makes no didtinction where the CBD originated from.

The story of CBD and the other cannabinoids is complex

One must understand that there are over 70 different cannabinoid compounds that are currently identified in the myriad of other compounds found in hemp or marijuana. Some of these compound have in-fact been patented by the United States Government, patents that relate to the medical benefits of these compounds one of which is Cannabidiol, better known as CBD.
CBD has been shown to have many benefits for medicinal use along with the high inducing THC and may have a synergistic relationship when used together. So which is the better one to choose? This question maybe better put as which one fits the lifestyle of the user?
In-order to better answer this question its best to break down a list of whats good and whats not:

Medical Marijuana Derived CBD

  • May provide real relief from the use of cannabidiols
  • Contains high levels of THC in conjunction with high levels of CBD for increased effectiveness in certain conditions
  • Possible to have very high cannabinoid content in a small application
  • Can be found in many varieties and strains with varying flavors, percentages and more.
  • Not available in every state due to legal status depending on your location
  • Carries the possibility of causing undesirable effects because of the higher THC and associated “high”.

Hemp Derived CBD

  • Can provide real relief from the use of cannabidiols
  • Hemp derived cannabidiol extracts are 100% legal in all 50 states
  • Is easily available through websites online
  • Does not contain THC and will not give you an “associated” high
  • Has the option of variety in flavor via flavored oils, can be made into a vape, and tincture.

So what can we derive from the choice of using medical marijuana CBD or hemp derived CBD

Today many states have made the selling and use of medical marijuana legal and more are to follow, however there are some that may never see a change in legislation. Making the decision which to try remains difficult and the buyer has to educate themselves as best they can. One point to bear in mind is that not all purveyors of CBD play fair and produce poor quality products with little or no CBD. Its best to look toward professional well run companies that produce their own hemp and cbd rather than firms that just buy imported product.

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